Drywall Patches

Drywall Repair

What is the best way to do drywall repairs?

There are two ways to do a drywall patch. One is where you cut the existing drywall to about half the thickness of the existing stud. 

The problem with this method is that the sheetrock is only on about 3/4 of an inch of the stud.  Especially if there was water damage, or old soft drywall this probably won't be long term and I don't recommend this method.

The best way to do a sheetrock patch is to add a "sister" stud. 

See pictures below which shows the steps.

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Drywall Repair Steps

Drywall Patch

Step One: Cut hole.

Sheetrock Repair

Step Two:

Fasten a sister stud to both sides of the drywall patch. Shoot some screws into existing drywall to make sure it is secure.

Sheetrock Patch

Step Three:

Using a screw gun, fasten drywall patch to the new studs. 

When customers see the patch done this way I usually get this comment: "that patch isn't going anywhere."  

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