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Prices For Painting Color Walls With White Ceilings and White Trim:

Walls: $195

2 coats, up to 10 x 15

CEILINGS: $100 one coat. Sometimes one coat covers fine. If you like the way it looks at one coat, you don't have to do a second coat. (Up to 10 x 15)

Second coat only costs $75 (if chosen, needs to be done before walls)


Window Frames $15

Door Frames $15

Doors $15 per side

(Prices are per coat. Sometimes one coat will cover. Priced if done with walls. Interior of window frames not exterior side) 


If you're looking for cracks taped, or have some areas that you want straightened out, I am skilled at plastering, spackling, and taping. You will get a flat price for spackling so you will know exactly how much it will cost. Flat price is based on $50 per hour. If it is just a couple of holes from picture hooks and only takes 10 minutes, then I won't charge you.

1. Prices do not include paint. Paint can be $20 - 60 per gallon depending on which paint you prefer.  Ask me and I will go over your choices.

2. Prices do not include spackling. Preparation can be one hour or several hours depending on how much perfection you seek. Therefore, I can't give a price on spackling until I see the job. That's the point of a free estimate.  If you want to paint a room as-is, then the price remains as listed above.

If you would like to discuss your painting project, drop me a line:

Scot Brown



Prices are based on customer setting up room by moving furniture to center and removing wall hangings or anything in the way of painting. I can provide this service for a fee.

Anything beyond basic painting such as wainscot molding, will incur an additional fee. Therefore, some restrictions apply. Call for details. Closets not included in prices. Prices are based on up to 9 foot ceiling. Minimum job is $300. **I don't do jobs with excessive peeling paint. If new construction, usually requires primer plus 2 coats and costs a minimum of $800 per room up to 10 x 15.  *All prices above cannot be combined with other offers.