2 Family House with Rental Apartment

How to get your rental apartment painted for the lowest price

Landlords need to approach painting a rental apartment as a business decision. 

When you are painting your own home, you want perfection and that is fine. But a rental apartment is an income property. Therefore the idea is to paint in a way that keeps the price down.

Low Price but still Exceptionally Neat

Just because the price is low, the painting should still be done just as neat as fine craftsmanship. 

The difference is in the detail, not the neatness.

Details that Keep the Price Low

Paint in one color (off white) - same color paint on walls, ceiling, and trim. When you paint a color wall with a different color trim, the brush work is slow because you have to cut a straight line for two different colors. When it is the same color, a room can be painted in less than 2 hours and keeps the price very low.

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Spackle cracks and holes from picture hooks. Don't go too much beyond that.

Next Paint Job Even Less Money

Painting the same color every time and it will cover easily in one coat bringing down the cost of the next paint job.

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