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Wallpaper Removal

Scott Painting is equipped with commercial grade steamers  and specialty perforating tools to handle any type of wallpaper removal.


Painted Over Wallpaper

If you need Wallpaper Removal in Long Island, NY weather you have painted over wallpaper or 2 to 3 layers, you have come to the right company.


After the wallpaper is removed, the walls will need spackling. I offer the following services:

  • Taping Cracks
  • Skim Coating
  • Spackling
  • Sheetrock Patches
  • Priming
  • Painting  [or you can paint yourself if you choose]

Wallpaper Removal Pricing Policy

With painting I can give you an exact price because I can see what I am dealing with.

With wallpaper removal, sometimes when the paper is removed, the walls are in clean shape and there is only one hour of spackling. However, sometimes there are several cracks needing taping and spackling. If the walls are in poor condition, you might want the walls skim coated. The spacking can be over an 8 hour day. How can you give a price  if it is sight unseen? 

So how do I handle this? I don't expect you to sign a contract without knowing the price. That would be like signing a blank check. What I do is only sign a contract for the removal. 

Once I have the paper off, I can give you an exact price for the spackling.

What I can do is run a couple of test spots and then discuss what we are dealing with before proceeding forward. There would be no charge for this consultation, and no obligation.

If there is anything that I have not made clear in the way that I wrote the above paragraphs, please feel free to call and ask me any questions.


Scott Brown

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