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What is the Best Paint for Bathrooms?

Guide for Choosing Bathroom Paint

Let's first talk about sheen or paint finish:

Best Bathroom Paint Sheen

A lot of people don't like any gloss so they paint the bathroom ceiling or walls in matte or eggshell. The rule is the higher the gloss, the more imperfections will show. But the trade-off for using matte or eggshell is you'll have to paint every few years. 

As far as how many years a painting job in a bathroom will last, satin or semigloss will give you the best bang for your buck .

I'm going to break it down into bathroom ceiling, walls and trim.


Let's start with the best paint for bathroom walls first. If you don't like a high shine, there is another option. The pearl finish is slightly less shiny than the satin and will hold up for many years.  Granted that the satin will give you an extra year or two, but if you really want less shine, then pearl is the paint for you.



For a bathroom ceiling, semi gloss paint. Why? Moisture rises up. After a hot steamy shower, the ceiling will have more moisture than the walls.


The ceiling is not at eye level and looks fine in semi gloss and will give you the most years out of a paint job. Satin also works fine for a bathroom ceiling if there is sufficient ventilation. Although the pearl will hold up for several years on the walls, the moisture on the ceiling is too much for the pearl.  


Obviously semi gloss paint is best for bathroom trim. It looks great, and holds up the longest. 


The recommendations above are dealing  with longevity of the paint job. Personal taste is another story. If you absolutely prefer eggshell in a bathroom than that is what will make you happy. Just realize that you will probably be painting more often. 

I hope my insights were helpful. If you have any questions feel free to call me.

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Bathroom Mold Removal | Best Paint for Bathrooms

If a bathroom has high moisture and ceiling was painted in too low of a sheen, then black mold spots might appear.

The best way to get rid of bathroom mold spots is bleach and water. About one cup bleach to three cups water. Wear gloves, eye protection, a respirator. and open the window.

Most of the mold remediation companies that I have talked to over the years use bleach and water. The bleach kills the mold.

Do I need to prime before painting a bathroom ?

If there is mold, first wash with bleach and water. The bleach will affect paint adhesion so it's necessary to do a clean water rinse. Next, Zinsser paint makes an oderless oil primer. 

They make water base primers for mold. However, as long as you do a thorough job with the bleach solution, I find the best primer for mold is oil based. Just make sure you ask for the oderless.

If bathroom is previously painted and in mint condition (no mold), then it isn't necessary to prime. There are paints that are primer and paint in one and will do a good job. You don't need to spend the extra expense on labor and primer if it is in mint condition.

Article written by Scott Brown from Scott Painting


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