How to clean a painted wall?

Lisa from East Meadow asks how do I clean painted walls?

I was thinking of painting my house but I wanted to try washing scuff marks off painted walls first.

That's a great question Lisa.

I will try to be as detailed as possible in my response. If anyone reading this painting article still has questions send them to CONTACT US at bottom of page.  (red print on black)

Magic Eraser sponge

The best thing to get off scuff marks on a wall  is a Magic Eraser that you buy at a grocery store.

  1. Wet sponge. Make sure you wring it out. You want damp, not wet.
  2. Only use the tip of the sponge and focus on scuff mark. Press lightly - you don't want to take off the paint.
  3. Do not take big round strokes. Keep the stroke confined to the scuff mark. I can't stress this point enough. 
  4. Don't go over the same area again within a few minutes. If you wet it a few minutes ago, it will be soft, and the paint will rub off the wall.

The 4 steps above are key. If any of the above are not met, then you will see where you washed.

Most of your paints with a sheen such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Behr are washable. Always test a small area to make sure that your paint is washable.

With each of the above brands, the higher end lines have a lot more washability then the cheaper paints.

The higher the sheen, the more washable the paint will be. When choosing paint, remember high sheen paints bring out all the imperfections in a wall.

 When painting walls, paint needs to be straight out of the can. If your last painter thinned the paint, there will be minimal washability.

Article written by Scott Brown from Scott Painting

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